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As we have written in between the lines in previous blogposts, social interaction with all you beautiful people out there, is quite important for us. We don’t have the budget, nor the wish to create lots of products after “Spray and Pray” principals. At the moment, the few products that have been put into production, are the result of our interaction with our friends from all over the world. Soon the first line of products is going to be “in stock” and ready to ship, and we are already looking into some new stuff. Inspired by Thy and by some of the suggestions you have send us via e-mail and facebook. We love to interact with you, we would love to hear what you think about stuff we do.

In the future we could maybe share our ideas or prototypes with you online? And you could help us turning our products into something that really meets your expectations! That could also give us opportunity to share some exclusive “vouchers” to our online-friends, as a humble “thx” for helping out. So please – if you care, join our facebook page, follow us on twitter or instagram – pick one that suits you, or hook up on all of them, and invite your friends as well. Drop us a line, and who knows, your ideas might end up on out website.