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What is design?

We call ourself a design and fashion company. It sounds great, feels good and makes us feel very trendy and important 😉 But so does many other companies ? What makes us stand out from the crowd?

We have written extensively about our fashion and the quality of our fabrics, but here we want to offer you a glimpse into how our creative process is and how we come up with our designs.


Most designers, both in and outside the fashion industry are bound by tight deadlines and the need to come up with a certain number of designs for every collection. We feel that all this limits your creativity and instead we have done chosen to make our business work around the design process instead of the other way around. This means that we have no fixed dates for collection launches or strict deadlines we work with. Instead, we launch when we feel we have the right designs. So when the inspirations comes to us, the product comes to you!


The process behind our designs are clear. Keep it simple, but do not be afraid to challenge the norm. Focus on the detail, but don’t let the details become the focus!


Our designs visually articulates our emotions, inspirations and dreams. Most of our designs are rooted in our surroundings here in Thy, Denmark. We love to travel and explore the world, because it puts everything into perspective and adds fuel to our creativity. However, Thy is the main source of inspiration and the environment, the people and the nature is what offers us most of our so called creative insights.


The bottom-line is that we love what we do and that we are not bound by the deadlines in a big organization. So we are free to experiment and to follow the path less travelled. For us, that is creative freedom.