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Crafting high quality garments with a unique story behind it is in the root of our concept. We always strive to work with partners that share our passion and are highly skilled in whatever they do, but often this ideology provides a big challenge to us. Finding people and companies that are true experts and believe in quality over quantity is not easy.


In so many industries, the know-how and expertise it takes to make superior products are disappearing. Many European companies outsource their production to countries where the salary is lower and this means that fewer and fewer people, actually know how to make quality products. Price and volume is in many cases valued higher that quality.


Whenever possible, we try to work with local partners on our projects. Not many companies can match our expectations, but we are proud to say that we have found a local partner that does so for our latest design project. We wanted to make our ELSK Logo design as an embroidery on a sweatshirt and hooked on with Skovmose Broderi. Skovmose Broderi, founded in 1984, is a family run business, located on the harbour in Hanstholm, Denmark. Early in the process, we were blown away by their enthusiasm and eagerness to show what they are capable of.


The result has absolutely blown us away, and we are so stoked to share this project with you. To give you an idea of how much work is put into each embroidery, we have created the below video. It takes close to 100.000 (!) stitches and about 3 hours for the machine to make each embroidery. We think the final result is mind-blowing. Check out the clear details and stunning colors of the print.