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UNICORN SCREENPRINTING | Print supplier in Holsterbro, Denmark

Unicorn Screenprinting is a Danish printing house where craftsmanship, quality and environmental awareness go hand in hand, which is the reason for ELSK to choose this partner. Unicorn Screenprinting started in 2011 and has already expanded twice. The company is led by a man who is so convinced about his own dream of doing things in a better way, that he has dared to go against the stream despite all odds and others doubts.

The founder of Unicorn Screenprinting is Mads Olesen. He decided when he started the company, to be small but great. He wants the very best on the market in as small a scale as possible, which also is the reason why his firm is built up around “the little man” and his craftsmanship.

From the beginning the company’s goal was to be as “green” as possible. As Mads says; “That´s the future – it is my hands and nose that is affected. I want to work in a way that leaves as little impact as possible on this earth. That is the reason for the “green” line in the company”. For instance, all the waste from the printing is sorted and recycled. Error prints are cut into pieces and used for cleaning of the frames, furthermore, the electricity they use is 100% from wind energy.

We chose this company as a partner, because here was a person who understood and lived out the life and the state of mind that ELSK also believes in.