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TEXMADE | Jersey factory in Esposende, Portugal

Texmade is a textile company specialized in making high quality jersey garments and is a well reputed factory who works along with many high-quality level brands in Europe. The company was founded in 2005 by Maria João Vieira and Fernanda Faria da Silva, and is a family run company, with 60 employees. They can make all types of styles whether it involves simple, or more complicated style and craftsmanship.

Texmade focuses a lot on sustainability and environmental awareness; “We have a strong feeling that we must be part of the growing community working for a better environment. Fortunately, more and more companies are becoming aware of the urgency to build a better world and Texmade wants to be a partner by offering environmental sustainability following all the rules and demands of the delicate manuals of our clients”.

They are aiming to increase their work to protect the world. When it comes to business with ELSK and their overall goal, Texmade treats their clients with the maximum attention and in the shortest time possible following all the requirements with the quality they deserve.

We are very proud to be partners with Texmade, because of their eagerness to make the fashion industry greener and better.