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400,00 DKK (inkl. moms)

100% Organic Brushed Cotton
Designed in Denmark – Made in Europe

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FRAGILE – Handle with care.

Nature is majestic, powerful and sometimes even overwhelming. Sometimes it even may seems that nature is an uncontrollable force – yet we, humans had just reached the point where nature as we know it is more FRAGILE now than ever. When I was growing up I often stumbled upon “Keep off the grass” signs here and there, that was it. Today we all really need to handle with care when it comes to the future of our planet, because as it is, our planet is more fragile than ever before. The planet and nature are much stronger than humanity, but a careful handling of nature around us is important to our survivor here on earth. We need to keep this force in balance, otherwise we will reach the point where there is no turning back for us and our civilization as we know it. The planet will regenerate like it has done it for billions of years – we, humans, won’t.



Have a closer look at our suppliers in Turkey.

Organic Cotton (natural fiber)

The reason we use organic cotton instead of conventional cotton is quite simple; It’s better for you and for the planet. Of course, the farming and process requires more knowledge and observation, and is far more expensive and complicated than the production of conventional cotton, but opposite conventional cotton that uses roughly 7% of the world’s pesticides and 16% of the world’s insecticides, organic cotton uses none!

And when it comes to washing, remember that less is more as well.


  • 71% less water is used in the production compared to conventional cotton
  • No toxic chemicals used on the field where the cotton grows
  • The cotton farmers aren’t exposed to any kind of chemicals
  • It’s better for the planet and for you



  • It’s more expensive compared to production of conventional cotton
  • It still needs a lot of water to grow the cotton

How to take care of your cloth:

We recommend that you wash at 30 degrees when you wash T-shirts with organic cotton, so you avoid that shrinks


Økologisk bomuld (naturlig fiber)

Årsagen til, at vi bruger økologisk bomuld i stedet for konventionel bomuld, er ret simpelt; Det er bedre for dig og for planeten. Selvfølgelig kræver landbruget og processen mere viden og observation og er langt dyrere og mere kompliceret end produktionen af ​​konventionel bomuld, men modsat konventionel bomuld, der bruger ca. 7% af verdens pesticider og 16% af verdens insektmidler, bruger økologisk bomuld ingen!


  • 71% mindre vand anvendes i produktionen sammenlignet med konventionel bomuld
  • Ingen giftige kemikalier anvendes på det område hvor bomulden vokser
  • Bomuldsbønderne udsættes ikke for nogen form for kemikalier
  • Det er bedre for planeten og for dig


  • Det er dyrere i forhold til produktionen af konventionel bomuld
  • Der bliver stadig brugt meget vand for at dyrke økologisk bomuld


Vi anbefaler at du vasker på 30 grader når du vasker T-shirts med økologisk bomuld, så undgår du at det krymper.


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