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400 DKK (inkl. moms)

100% Organic Cotton
Designed & Screenprinted in Denmark – Made in Portugal

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“Havgus” means sea fog. There is something spectacular over the phenomenon of HAWGUS. It is quite common to experience sea fog here in Thy, some of us fear it a little others find it a little bit worrying, some say that its almost fairy-tale’ish. The clear Summer day sky turns gray, temperature drops 10 degrees Celsius, town gets covered with thick white fog. If you look up to the sky you are able to look straight into the sun and all you will see is a bright round circle. I somehow imagine that is how it feels to live under a dome, locked out from the world. Personally I find HAWGUS very melancholic, it’s quiet, the thick fog makes outdoor surroundings approachable with a different focus to the details. Good reminder that there are bigger uncontrollable things out there.


We are a state of mind. Yes, we make clothes, sweatshirts, t-shirts. Some are basic, other are screen-printed with graphics. Stuff that inspires us, things that make sense in our opinion. We are not on a mission to convert consumers to “trend zombies”, we have no intention to dictate what is good or bad. We are constantly trying to improve what we do, we are constantly on a quest for better value for money products that aren’t soulless, products that make as little impact as possible on our planet – and make you think. We hope that our consumers share and understand the ELSK® – STATE OF MIND.

Vi er et State of Mind, en sindstilstands. Ja, vi laver tøj. Noget er basis, noget med print og broderier med motiver. Ting som inspirere os, ting som i vores øjne giver mening. Vi er ikke ude på at omdanne kunder til “Trend Zombier”. Vi har ingen intention om at diktere hvad er godt og hvad er skidt. Vi prøver konstant at forbedre hvad vi gør. Vi er konstant på jagt efter mere værdi for pengene og at skabe produkter som har en sjæl og en charme! Vi vil lave produkter som efterlader et så lille fodaftryk på planeten som muligt og får dig til at tænke. Vi håber vores kunder vil dele og forstår ELSK® – Vores State of Mind.

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