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400 DKK (inkl. moms)

100% Organic Cotton
Designed in Denmark – Made in Portugal

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Have a closer look at our suppliers in Portugal.

Organic Cotton (natural fiber)

The reason we use organic cotton instead of conventional cotton is quite simple; It’s better for you and for the planet. Of course the farming and process requires more knowledge and observation, and is far more expensive and complicated than the production of conventional cotton, but opposite conventional cotton that uses roughly 7% of the worlds pesticides and 16% of the worlds insecticides, organic cotton uses none!

And when it comes to washing, remember that less is more as well.

Pros :

  • 71% less water is used in the production compared to conventional cotton
  • No toxic chemicals used on the field where the cotton grows
  • The cotton-farmers aren’t exposed to any kind of chemicals
  • It’s better for the planet and for you


Cons :

  • It’s more expensive compared to production of conventional cotton
  • It still needs a lot of water to grow the cotton
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