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Earlier this autumn, we launched our first Art project. To ensure our designs came to life the way we wanted them to and in a unique quality. We searched wide and far for a partner that could deliver the quality and know-how we needed.

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The search took us to London, where we found Diginate. We started out, ordering a few stickers and small posters to see what they were capable of, and after receiving a product that exceeded our expectations, we knew we had found the right partner for our project.


Off to London we went and after a good chat with the guys behind Diginate, we decided to move on with our Co-Lab project.


About Diginate:


Diginate have a print service which allows customers to create and order a range of custom printed products without minimum orders, and a range of finishes which aren’t usually found in short runs.


The company are based in London but ship all over the world. They are popular within many industries including design, illustration, fashion and technology.


It’s a small company, who cares for every print order, even allowing the customer to follow the progress of their orders through twitter.


We use their stickers, posters and art prints for branding, and our art projects here in Thy. Diginate are excited to make friends with creatives around the world. Say hello on twitter (@diginate), or visit their website at


You can see the posters at our webstore.