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We strive to work with fabrics that are both natural and innovative. Quality is in the essence of everything we do, and therefore it is often a rocky climb to find materials that lives up to our demands and standards. With the launch of our new womenswear range, we have taken yet another step up the ladder. We have developed a range of womens tees, made of 100% Modal.

Modal is a natural fibre, that is manufactured from the cellulose of beech trees. The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable. Compared to regular cotton, it has a much softer feel and is also better at absorbing moisture and releasing it again. This means that products made of modal are perfect for all-day wear, strolling at the beach or even for a hot night out.
Modal can be treated the same way as cotton when washing. But as always, we recommend washing at low temperatures and using washing-bags. It should be taken from a dryer while still slightly damp. This way you reduces the chances of wrinkling the products.
Bottomline is, that the garments are extremely light and soft, while still durable. We are very proud of this new fabric, and hope you will appreciate it as much as we do.

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