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About Us

ELSK® Materials

Organic Cotton

The reason we use Organic Cotton is quite simple. It is better for the planet and better for you. Yes, the farming and the process requires more knowledge, is more complicated and is more expensive compared to the conventional production of cotton, but when you learn the difference between organic and non-organic, we are sure you agree it is worth the extra hassle.
Conventional cotton is made using harmful chemicals that pollute the earth. In fact, cotton is one of the most polluting crops to farm. The growing of conventional cotton uses roughly 7% of the world pesticides and 16%…yes….16%! of the world’s insecticides.

Recycled Cotton

What can be even better for the environment than Organic Cotton? The answer is Recycled Cotton! Though organic cotton is far more sustainable than conventional cotton, it still needs lots of water and land to grow the cotton. By re-using materials, the environmental footprint can be dramatically lowered than when you are using new materials. The challenge is to find the right fabrics and most importantly, make sure our quality standards are met. We are committed to increase our use of recycled cotton and we are working closely with our suppliers to find the right fabrics. Our first garments of recycled cotton were made in the autumn of 2017. One important step we have taken, is to take polyester out of all our garments. That makes it significantly easier to re-cycle our own products since garments made with a mix of polyester are. One challenge with garments made with a mix of polyester and other fabrics is that they are more difficult and often even impossible to recycle.

Tencel / Lyocell