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Klitmøller – the Alternative Guide

Thy has always been awesome, but lately particularly Klitmøller has been trending – not only nationally, but people from all over the world are making it their business to pay Klitmøller a visit to see for themselves what the hype is all about. For a good while Vorupør has been the number one destination for traditional seaside activities, however, the growing surf culture in Klitmøller has brought a bunch of new exciting initiatives to town, offering visitors alternative experiences. In addition to your typical seaside grill/diner style eateries, Klitmøller boasts a variety of awesome goodies. So how does one best spend a successful day in Klitmøller, you might ask? Worry not, friends, Elsk has put together a list of suggestions for you to draw inspiration from:

Morning shopping at Westwind (and other):

Klitmøller offers plenty of shopping experiences – but with a twist. If you are the kind of person who enjoys standing out from the crowd and buying clothes from smaller brands, Klitmøller is the place to go. Co Work, Klitmøller Collective – not to mention Westwind, offers a good variety of sports gear, casual clothes and street wear for both men and women; including labels like Lakor and of course Elsk! If that’s not enough, Westwind also offers all kinds of surf gear, skateboards, penny boards etc. – Definitely a place to check out!

Lunch at Kesse’s Hus:

For lunch, why not head over to Kesse’s Hus for some delicious pancakes? Offering both savoury and sweet pancakes, Kesse is guaranteed to satisfy any of your cravings. Enjoy your meal in cosy, green surroundings, chilling out to jazzy tunes, quenching your thirst with tasty, organic juice. Mmmmhh..!

Afternoon Surfing with Klitmøller Surf Camp or Westwind:

Obviously when spending time in Cold Hawaii, surfing is a must! Luckily Klitmøller has two surf schools, so there’s really no excuse for not giving it a go. – And to be honest, when you find yourself strolling along the promenade, glancing down at all the surfers goofing around in the sea, you can’t help but feel an urge to go join them.

Afternoon Tea/Coffee at Café N151:

After spending time on the waves, why not head down to Café N151 for some afternoon relaxation accompanied by more organic juice, raw bites, or possibly a cup of the best coffee in all of Thy! Surrounded by surfers, faux palm trees and exciting artwork, N151 makes the perfect chill-out place. In fact, it is pretty awesome at all times, as N151 has a thriving community, including a bunch of activities including live music.

Dinner at Café Conrad:

Dinner time calls for calm surroundings, great food, and a touch of elegance – so why not try out Café Conrad? Being one of the more established businesses in Klitmøller, Conrad has actually been around for 11 years – wow! With French-inspired cuisine lovingly made with local ingredients, you know the food will be tasty! – Even the Queen has had a little mooch, trying out some of these tasty dishes.

Late Night Drinks at Niels Juel:

Alternatively, you could head over to Niels Juel’s – either for drinks, or for a lovely seafood buffet. This sea, sailor and fishermen-inspired restaurant offers the best seafood in town – AND also the best ocean view in all of Thy. Regardless of your choice of dinner, why not end your day in Klitmøller at Niels Juel, kicking back with a glass of wine, soaking up the awesome view. Now, that’s life…