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How we buy.

We like to keep things simple. We work with reputable suppliers who are known for producing high-quality garments and with whom our products can be made in an environment-friendly way. Our products are made in countries with reasonable environmental laws and in manufactures where the employees are treated with respect.

Yes, it makes our products cost more, but to us, there is no other possible way of doing business. If you share our values and if for you, sustainability and high-quality are a priority when choosing clothes, we are sure you understand our vision.

We need to make a profit in order to exist, but we also wish to build a company that can truly impact the fashion industry and guide both customers and manufactures to prioritize the environment. Financial gain is not what is motivating us. We could easily make more money by doing something else. But we are driven by the urge to make an impact. To raise the bar to better products, to do our part in changing the fashion industry and to be a market leader in terms of sustainability and quality.

We always try to improve and to learn. Our journey continues and hopefully we will keep on raising our own bar.

We believe that every time you buy something, you cast a vote. A vote for the company you are buying from. So make your vote count, and buy from companies that share your values. Our hope is that more people will buy less, but better. Don’t be mindless. Think before you buy and buy only what you truly love and need.

We are proud to be among the first brands that signed up for the 2020 Circular Fashion System. It is an initiative launched by the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in Spring 2017. By signing up for the System, we are committed to the following:

  • Increasing the volume of used garments collected
  • Implementing design strategies for cyclability
  • Increasing the volume of used garments resold
  • Increasing the share of garments made from recycled textile fibres

To put simply: We want to reuse and recycle more.

We believe that the fashion industry needs to change by producing better clothes that last longer and are environment-friendly. One of the best ways to take care of the resources of our planet is to use our products and materials again and again.