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We are so stoked to present our latest project!

ELSK ART – Co-lab with Hans Tolk & Diginate

To us, ELSK is more a philosophy than it is a traditional clothing brand. ELSK is about doing what makes you happy, following your passion and creating products in superior quality and timeless designs.

Right from the beginning, we had a vision to use ELSK as a platform for many different kind of products, and not only clothes. We have lots of ideas and crazy visions, but at the same time, we also know that you can’t be an expert on everything. As quality and craftsmanship is in the root of everything we do, we decided that the best way to transform our ideas into products that fit in with our philosophy,  was to team of with people who are true experts in the areas that we venture into.

Most of the inspiration to our designs and projects, comes from the surroundings here in Thy, Denmark. This is also the case with this art project, where we teamed up with artist Hans Tolk and the London based printing company Diginate. Together, we developed 6 stunning pieces of art.

They measure 71 x 101 cm and comes in a black steel frame. Every poster is signed by Hans Tolk, numbered and delivered with a certificate. There will only be produced 25 copies of each poster, so this is truly a limited edition project.

The posters are printed by the awesome people at Diginate in London. They helped us to get the most out of the art and the techniques that are used for printing, really brings an exceptional level of depth and detail to the posters.

We get inspired and motivated by working together with people that have a unique passion for what they do and at the same time, are capable of turning that passion into products that stands out. It has taken a lot of hard work to get this project up and running, but to see the final result and having the pleasure of working together with such skilled people, have made it all more than worthwhile.

We offer free delivery world wide, but please note that if you live outside Thy, we unfortunately can’t deliver the posters with a frame….we learn as we go along, and we have now learned the hard way, that getting freight companies to handle art framed with glass front, is not the best idea….broken glasses everywhere….

You can see the posters and order them, by visiting our online store here ELSK SHOP

If you want to see the art in real life and are lucky enough to live close to Thy, Denmark, then we are proud to say that local interior store Hvass Design Møbler are retailing our art and a selected range of our apparel collection. They are located at Tigervej 1, 7700 Thisted, Denmark.

If you have any questions or want some close up pictures of the posters, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Just drop us a line at .