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There is simply no better way to charge your inner batteries than to take a trip to the beach and mentally disappear in “æ’ vester haw” aka. the north sea.

On a quiet day with low winds and almost no waves at all, its so easy to tune into the nature surrounding you. The sea sets the rhythm, and soon your breathing automatically starts to follow the waves breaking upon the shore. It’s an amazing feeling!

The nature inspires and surprises – like on this trip to the beach! On Wednesday  Sep. 25 2013 around 7 pm we recorded a short video. In this video, you are able to spot 2 or 3 harbour porpoises. (or at least that’s is what we think they are!)

Conditions where as you see very calm, and those quite big sea creatures where pretty close to the shore. Harbour Porpoises is quite common in the sea surrounding Denmark, however, it is the first time we have spotted this animal from the beach.

It is a huge privilege to be living here in Thy, so close to the sea. For some time, we have been taking trips to the beach in different conditions, equipped with a couple of microphones and small recording devices. We try to capture some of those sounds and sights, so we can put it together into something we’ll be able to share with you all. We want you to be able to somehow tune into the calming rhythm og Thy, no matter where you are in the world. Let it be Aarhus, Milan, Tokyo, Copenhagen or Cracow

The nature in Thy is our main source of inspiration when we create prints for t-shirts, sweatshirts or design clothing in general. Often, instead of listening to music, we simply listen to … the sea.