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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Klitmøller, Denmark

1. ELSK is based out of this small beach town located on the west coast of Denmark to the north. If you haven’t already noticed, we get a lot of our inspiration from the area and from the nature to the people and more, you can see influences from Klitmøller in our designs.

2. Klitmøller has a population of only about 800, but draws many tourists throughout the year due to its huge presence in the surfing/windsurfing world and the stunning scenery. In fact, the town has earned the nickname “Cold Hawaii” over the last few decades due to its perfectly windy conditions for surfing and windsurfing.

3. Klitmøller will once again be hosting the PWA World Cup in windsurfing in September, 2014 (September 15th-21st).

4. This small town was traditionally known for it’s maritime past as a small fishing village.

5. Klitmøller is bordered by Denmark’s first National park (Thy National Park) to the south and east. Here you can find beautiful nature from red deer to lush flora and even rare birds.